A soft drink only sold in Kentucky, quite possibly the best soda ever made.
I'm going to Kentucky to drink about 5 skillion Ale 8-1's and achieve nirvanna.
by Alex Rogers March 5, 2005
A fruity, ginger-flavored soft drink/pop popular in the Upper South that has a high amount of caffeine and a distinctive flavor. It is considered a ginger ale. Manufactured in Winchester, Kentucky, Ale-8-1 got its name as the result of a contest in the 1920s and refers to "a late one," as in those days many people drank a soft drink at night before bed to settle their stomachs. Also featured in the Cameron Crow 2005 film, Elizabethtown. Available through the company store but only sold in the Upper South in stores.
"I couldn't get any Diet Ale-8-1 in Dayton, so I had to drive an hour to Kentucky to buy some. They only have the full-sugar version in Dayton (Ohio)."
by Marthakay December 12, 2005