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The tendency to bitch about everything god created on this earth. At this point the virus is so advanced it is literally an understatement describing it as bitchiness. It is better defined as Purely Concentrated Habitual Bitch-Ass Nigganess. Once here, there is no cure you're fucked and doomed to complain, bitch, and moan about absolutely everymuthafuckinthing.
Anthonyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! You left me for dead!!!
Dude oh my god are you finished with my essay?
I gotta work in the morning man...
Chucky Cheeses, Chucky Cheeses, I want Chucky Cheeses.
When I was at the hospital you guys left me for dead.

All the above are Alcala Syndrome (Advanced Stage) symptoms
by Zayyyy July 02, 2011
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