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Albion Michigan was once a Boom town that has now become a dilapidated shell. The Originating families are so inbred they are mentally fragile and hate outsiders. This continues the inbreeding cycle they prefer.

The once industrial city withered and rotted under ignorance. The school system being substandard for so many years along with the inbreeding has produced a community Ill-equipped to deal with the realities from the outside world or any real-world problems it may face.The City is staffed only with friends and relatives. The level of Nepotism along with much-needed chlorine in the gene pool has been a formula for failure. Failure of the local education system, infrastructure failure, failure to grow or thrive.Albion Michigan can not continue to operate broke it has been limping by on Federal Grants for many years . The community is codependent on the welfare system to include social security disability income. Albion Michigan does not have an economy.
Albion Michigan should of been named Deliverance it's filled with inbred racists.
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by freshman2019 February 16, 2019
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60% of people living in Albion are drug users. There are no schools open in Albion, K-12 go to Marshall Public Schools. There is still an Albion college.
Albion Michigan is a poor community with small houses, many drug dealers live here.
by Michiganian June 16, 2017
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