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A famous singer in Mexico. To be an Alberto Mancillas you must be illegal and a short mexican with a mustache. Must work at at a taco stand and wear hair nets. Must have had #4 all around haircut or afro 93% of your life. Must like to fondle mens butt holes and hang out at playgrounds and watch children play. A alberto mancillas cannot be in anyway athletic except for soccer and stealing bar soap. Also must love beans
Damn dood what the fuck is that little mexican doing with shit on his fingers, he musty be an alberto mancillas.

Man who the hell stold my used soap? Fucking musta been an alberto mancillas

Did you see the news bro? another alberto mancillas got caught at the childrens playground.

knock knock. whos there? meee no speaka english. mee no speaka english who? ALBERTO MANCILLAS
by Gdawg cabreezy November 05, 2010
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