Albel Nox, a cruel Elicoorian who lives in Ariglyph. He is the leader of one of three of Ariglyph's armies, the Black Brigade. His nickname is Albel the Wicked for his cruel behavior towards his enemies. He's in the game Star Ocean: Till the end of time and joins Fayt and the others when he tries to help them after the Vendenii attack Elicoor.
Damn, bitch Albel so fine!!!
by Shuyin1000 May 2, 2005
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From Tri-Ace's PlayStation 2 RPG, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. An inhabitant of the planet Elicoor II, Albel is the Captain of the Black Brigade of the Royal Kingdom of Airyglyph. He bears the nickname Albel the Wicked, which he has merited out of his cruelty, both in and out of the battlefield. He possesses skills capable of matching Duke Vox's, who is the commander of the Dragon Brigade. Bearing a tragic past which led to his constant belief of him being an incompetent fighter, Albel is completely uncapable of socially attaching himself with others, as he always looks down on other people, and usually labels everyone as "worms" or "maggots."
Having lost an arm at a younger age, Albel is now equipped with an artificial, mechanic gaunlet with a clawed hand. Using both that gaunlet and his swordsmanship skills (he uses a katana), he specializes in one-on-one combat and quick attacks.
NEL: That gaunlet... You're Albel Nox!
by Delf October 28, 2005
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