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Mexican construction workers that do not have licences for home construction. Usually building kit homes in the suburbs.

Mexicans that work with their hands and are overplayed.
My husband comes from an albanil .
My husband is not an albanil, he works as a stripper in Vegas.
by Clandestines of vegas August 12, 2016
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noun al ba ñil \ahl-bahn-neel

1. A person who lays bricks. Used in common parlance in Spanish as a construction worker in general. This person is often a Mexican immigrant with limited English skills. They display an ability to work harder and longer than most others, especially in brutally hot conditions. They are especially susceptible and have their powers diminished in cold weather. They can usually be found on Friday nights pounding caguamas or Budweiser red. On a construction site they can usually be found by following the blaring loud Mexican music. Albañiles are usually of uncommonly dark skin color due to their exposure to the sun. Females, beware as walking by a group of albañiles will almost always arouse cat calls or unwanted ogling.
That albañil over there, the maestro, is an incredibly hard worker but he's always broke because he spends all his pay on Tecate and strippers.
by ElRemo March 20, 2019
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