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If you are a girl or know a girl named Alaskka, they are probably unique, creative, but something clueless. They may think they are the best at something one minute, and think they’re lousy at it the next. They are good friends to some, but may not like others. They always care what people think, but act like they don’t. They’re attention hogs, but fun to be around. My best friend’s name is Alaskka, and this is an exact description of her. If she saw this, she would get really mad, and go to my friends for comfort. She likes popular boys, stalks their classes, but tries to avoid them at the same time.
Alaskka is weird, but a good friend to most. She steals friends, but keeps all of them. She always wants to be your friend, and she’s really nice
by Kklove0222 May 06, 2018
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