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When one and his/her significant other L.A.R.P. for three straight hours after dining on Mexican Cuisine. Followed by another 3 straight hours of Dr. Phil. Followed by indulging in Mediterranean cuisine. The two(or more) individuals face a long night of extraneous hiking and adventuring through the Amazon. Finally, the couple/group come across a pack of infant panthers. They proceed to de-clothe, turn around, bend over, spread the butt cheeks with force and take an explosive, fiery and ethnic shit over every baby panther in a ten meter radius. The infant Panthers, now enraged and covered in dank shit, rape the living fuck out of every individual involved. Repeat process as needed, Blue Rain Gatorade break every two days.
Phillip: "Gee, Bob. What are all of those scratches on your arm?"
Bob: "Oh well Phillip, my Wife, myself and her book club decided to go for a relaxing old fashioned Alaskin Angry Shit-Panther this weekend."
Phillip: "Wow, that looks painful."
Bob: "You should see my Butt-Hole :)"
Phillip: "Thanks for the invite you insensitive prick."
by GregOwens May 04, 2013
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