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Take a woman out into the woods and tie her to a tree stump upside down. Then proceed to pour maple syrup over her naked body while you drive your penis into her resembling a "piledriver". While riding a moose, and occasionally using a milkmachine to lactate her breasts. And feed the milk to the moose.

Best if done while wearing nothing but a ski-mask and a bow tie. This act is exctremely illegal except if done on the 4th of July while holding a sparkler in your left armpit while you sing the "National Anthem" backwards.
Sam: This 4th of July is gonna be crazy Pam gave me permission to try a Alaskan Pancake Piledriver Upsidedown Milkmachine.

Joe: Nice I am definately jealous. If its not too much to ask bring me back some milk.
by superbadchicksgivinmemclovin February 24, 2011
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