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The act of placing cellophane over the mouth of an individual and creating a small pocket which is then filled with feces. The newly made feces will keep the mouth warm in the freezing temperatures of Alaska and other northern climes. The cellophane is for sanitary measures. This is useful when camping or when lost in the woods.
"Your younger brother told me that his lover gave him an Alaskan Mouth-warmer last night after intercourse because he was cold.....I thought that was sweet"
by Dr J G July 14, 2009
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Before having sex, you eat out/fellate your partner. After their climax, you choke them out until they pass out. Once passed out, you begin penetration on your partner. Just before you climax and they wake up, you defecate in their mouth, then slam your cock in their mouth through your own feces and then ejaculate in their mouth.
"Holy shit man, Jeremy just gave that bitch an Alaskan Mouthwarmer", "Ew, gross!"
by TeakettleTom August 06, 2009
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