The act of defecating in a condom, freezing said condom, and, when having sex in the kitchen, reaching over and grabbing the frozen log out of the fridge and sticking it in your girl's anus.
"Dude, did you hear Cox gave Kateri the Alaskan Dildo in the dorm kitchen? That's what that log was in the freezer!"
by Cap Young November 1, 2007
Simply where one takes a shit in a condom, ties it up, then put's the condom in the freezer until its rock hard then pulls it back out later for use of a dildo.
a shit dildo, or Alaskan Dildo
by anthony wells September 3, 2008
a sexual fetish involving shitting into an open condom, freezing it, and then proceeding to penetrate your lover with this sex toy
put shit into a condom thus being an alaskan dildo
by Ken Christensen October 17, 2007