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The only international airline where you are bound to see someone you know on the flight as long as you are actually flying in or out of Alaska, so you always have someone to talk too.
"I was flying out of anchorage on Alaska Airlines and i was like 3 people i know, it was a total party."

"I love Alaska Airlines"
by Stoner the Mouse November 12, 2009
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Alaska Airlines Group, a company famously known in the aviation industry as the sorriest major airline. They will try to outsource everything, they have their own rampers they call "McGee." These are ex-thugs who were never caught with a crime yet, but are willing to work for Alaska Airlines for 11$ an hour. Alaska Airlines will try to penny pinch everything, from the food you are to its own employees. If you even heard of this airline, (not from the west coast) avoid flying on it at all cost. The work environment was so bad an ex-employee took a plane and crashed it recently. Those barrel rolls were awesome though. If you are hiring in the maintenance department, avoid hiring this group, a bunch of lazy idiots.
Hey have you flown on Alaska Airlines yet? "Yeah, last time they told me I was on my own in regards to hotel, sleep at the airport, because they only got one flight a day." and because their planes are shit with shitty service.
by ex alaska mechanic September 07, 2018
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