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He is a very naughty naughty boy indeed, which attaches a stick to his vagina hole to immitate a scrotum. This is very sad indeed. Indeed it is.
He also loves to have sex with a strap-on, especially with grammy's (riding them like a horse) while inside a treehouse.
He is a very dirty dirty boy!
Marc: "lets do it like Alan (morbi)!"
Dan: "lets be very naughty and have sex like morbi!"

Morbi: "yes lets, ill get the toy!"

Dan: "lets be naughty, girl!"

Morbi: "go to the treehouse! Let me get the toy"

Dan: "ok, ill play as the grammy!"

Dan: (while in the act of being ridden) "im lovin' it!"

Morbi: "you are a crazy crazy girl"

Crazy crazy girl strap on treehouse wild and free oh yes balls
by Mr sexy sexy boy May 17, 2016
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