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A beautiful girl who tells people she is a good girl when she's not. She loves to have fun and under all of that good girl skin is a freak ready to come out. She is goal oriented and is also a dork when it comes to school. She's not a lesbian nor bi. She has big boobs that any guy would fall for and a beautiful smile that can light up any persons day
Hey look at her! You know she's an Alaisha.". "Why?" Look at her boobs man they're huge!" "True. I'd hit that anytime. She would probably let ius both at the same time!
by poohbae14 March 20, 2011
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Alaisha is the type of girl who doesn't take shit from other people. She's most likely mixed and has an amazing body that she hides under her clothes. An Alaisha would be brutally honest unless she sincerely likes the person. She's flexible and doesn't always get along with her family. She's the type of girl that's scared to be alone so she's always dating someone. Alaisha would be a very insecure girl but play it off like she's confident.
"Did you see Alaisha the other day? "
"Oh my gosh! She's so pretty!"
by fuckinglai August 28, 2018
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