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Alaija is a rare name.
She is beautiful and thick,
She is athletic and smart.
If you know her you are lucky
"What's your name"
That's a beautiful name"
by Alaija April 19, 2017
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Alaija is probably the best girl you could ever meet!She has a great personality and is a great friend.You can trust her with anything.she is a great girlfriend and a great friend.She does not have to draw attention to her self because everybody is already admiring her.she has the perfect body.big boobs and big butt.She is very indepent and doesnt very often ask for help. You can trust her.she will give you the best sex.she keeps her hair & nails done and is extremely intelligent. She will provide for her man at any cost. Alaija is literally the best.
It doesnt get better thanalaija.
by Young g.o.a.tšŸ’Æ July 24, 2017
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Beautiful with a sexually active mind,very good in bed,knows what to say at all times

Popular , liked by a lot of people,big boobs and big but perfect body
Hey,did u see alaija she looks beautiful today
by Lovingcornn January 20, 2014
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