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1. A Venusian greeting. combines the subject "Alahoy" or "Hello", and the suffix "us" or "all of us together" to create = "Hello all of us here together".

2. The common greeting used by the Venusians as told to us by Valient Thorr, a band who escaped the planet Venus before baby Venusians were seeded to the Earth, arriving here unstuck from their own timestream.

3. A common hello or goodbye on the planet Venus and among fans of the band Valient Thorr.
Ex 1: "Alahoyus yall!"

Ex 2: "Alahoyus everyone, we're Valient Thorr from the planet Venus!"

Ex 3: "Alahoyus brotha. You wanna double dog down on some barbeque? I'm hungrier than two mafks."
by Valient Himself December 09, 2011
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