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When he thinks it's a good idea to ejaculate on your head, and it's not. Days later, after not Q-tipping properly, white waffle shaped debris falls from the ear commonly during Sunday brunch.
At Sunday brunch, Erin's Dad sees something fall from Erin's ear. He picks it up with his finger. ERIN'S DAD: (to Erin) "Look pumpkin, looks like a dead piece of skin. Someone needs to moisturize." ERIN'S MOM: "Oh, she moisturizes alright." Erin looks to her mother stunned. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to ERIN'S Dad, the "dead piece of skin" falls into his bottomless Mojito. He takes a drink. Erin's mom laughs, "Hey, lemme know how that Alabama ear waffle tastes." Erin and Erin's Mom high five and crack up laughing.
by Terio Marin May 19, 2016
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