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A girl who is moderately attractive, but is delusional & under the assumption they are more so. These people tend to be strongly opinionated, yet unable to back it up with any sort of reasonable argument. They have a voracious loyalty to an educational institution that would never accept them as students and are, in all probability ashamed to have them as fans. More often than not they tend to be hill folk. Fathers tend to be physically, emotionally, & sexually abusive to both the boys & girls without discrimination. This is in fact somewhat helpful in preparing the respective sexes for their future lives. The boys for the prison life they will inevitably have & the girls for their marriage which will most likely be to a sibling and/or cousin. The girls have extremely wide hips, but a flat ass, with a muffin top similar to a cupcake with too much yeast. She tends to believe that she understands everyone else's problems & knows what's best for them believing them capable of turning it on & off like a light switch. And yet she never deals with her own parental issues.
Alabama White Trash. You know who you are.
by Death 2 Gingers July 16, 2013
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