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Where one would take exlax before sex and would proceed in doing the same thing as the Alabama Hot Pocket. (opening the womans vagina and taking a shat inside it)
"I'm thinking about going over to the neighbors, and giving Bill's wife an Alabama Latte when he is at work."
by Burrmaster October 26, 2007
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Another, more recent introduction to the ever popular "Alabama" line of beverages. To make it, a person (usually a woman) expels diarrhea, and then adds an equal amount of her own breast milk to the mixture, and blends until smooth. It is generally more tolerable to drink than the hot chocolate or iced tea of the "Alabama" variety (due to the addition of breast milk).
I was unable to properly enjoy that Alabama Hot Chocolate, this Alabama Latte is definitely more my taste.
by biomanrox November 12, 2010
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