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A sex act in which a woman is on her period and her partner defecates into her vagina, followed by the partner giving oral sex to the woman until climax at which point the woman ejaculates a mixture of menstrual blood and human feces onto her partner's face. The partner then has the fecal menstrual blood licked off his/her face. Essentially a combination of the Alabama Hot Pocket and the Tuna Melt, variations of the Alabama Tuna Melt have been traced back to Ancient Rome. Contrary to popular thought, revisionist historians have found that Cleopatra did not die of a snake bite, but rather died of an infection as a result of performing a variation of the Alabama Tuna Melt with Mark Anthony.
So Tao brought Ann over last night and totally gave her an Alabama Tuna Melt.
by Stephen Garrett March 28, 2008
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