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An international school, located in the suburbs of Riyadh -Saudi Arabia.

The school has high walls, mainly resembling that of a military fortress, or a state pen·i·ten·tia·ry, or even an institution for mentall illness.

Well known amongst other schools for having high levels of security ,and it's students who are dressed in corny army pants.

The school has surveillance cameras on every gate from the outside, and every class room ,and corridor from the inside. This is mainly due to the fact that the school is led by a bunch of psychopathic adminstrators.

Furthermore, the school hires non-professional ,uneducated,unorganized, corrupt people who contribute day by day to the deterioration of the school.

For instance , a math teacher that gets bribed , in exchange of good grades to students.
eg:'' oh look is that a sanitarium or something.''

''naaah its just Al Faris School''
by Joe666 November 27, 2009
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