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a brave one (but also she knows that being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared). dislikes sweetie girls and pink dresses.

sometimes she lefts her room through the window at 2 am and goes skateboarding. hopes that her parents don’t notice.

says: “school sux” and skips classes with friends.

she prefers to wear colorful sweatshirts and blue jeans, read comics and tease her friends. she likes short hair and vans.

she can be really rude and hates it about herself.

a short form - Aks or Aksi .
S: Aksinia, you skateboard looks really cheap!
A: you looks cheaper, Steve. fuck off!

A: hey, folks, i have a few tickets to the band concert! it was really hard to get them, you know .
F: Woa, great! you are the best, Aks !
by maxin March 07, 2019
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