Akshan is a smart and handsome guy. He will be very rich after he is done university. He is very muscular and
gets a girlfriend at the age of 12 and a wife later on. akshan is a very good basketball and will probably make to the
NBA. Akshan is a type of guy who will fuck you nice with his dick. Akshan is a nice guy to be around and he has a good taste of fashion considering he buys a lot of shoes and clothing.
he such a Akshan
by JEFFISYOURGUY November 27, 2018
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The guy with no dick and loves to fuck boys. The guy has no taste in anything apart form fake brands KOSA!!!! The best fake brand ever 5 percent discount. His wife is faizul Bhai. He likes pan and spits on akshans mouth. Pls stay away from akshan he is gay.
Don't behave like akshan (gay)
by Akshan has no dick ( 2 Shanti November 23, 2021
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