a weird individual who is very kind, loving, helpful and pleasant at times but can also be the total opposite when angered or annoyed... all in all they are very different
"you see Akeelah over there? she is truly of a different species"
by xxxlolllzzzmentzzxxx June 24, 2014
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Akeelah is a good and loyal friend however is a drama queen and picks fights, Akeelah is very tall charismatic and beautiful, Akeelah is also very smart and family oriented
Girl: Did you hear what Akeelah did
Guy: No
Girl: She got into a fight
Guy: She was probably sticking up for someone
by Kiki-$3729 August 19, 2019
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akeelah is very sweet, most would say antisocial but she talks a lot “sometimes” she is a good friend and she loves her friends. She doesn’t like being left out, yes she can be weird sometimes but don’t hurt her feelings or lie to her because she will cry. She loves her phone.. it might be an addiction
Jane: you remember akeelah from last year?
Paul: who the one who’s also sitting on her phone by herself?
Jane: YES! But she also has friends

Paul: oh yea! i remember
by keke2 November 22, 2021
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