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Ultra cool hipster with great sense of style. Loves good comfort food and underground music. Sexy and super hot. Defines perfect in the slightest way. Everybody wants to be his friend. His presence lights up the room. Plays music well and has a sexy body. Perfect flawless face is a plus. Beautiful hair is an asset. Great kisser.
"Omg why are you so aizat? I can't even..."
"I'm aizat? No way!"
by LDR1 March 25, 2013
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A gamer who is really passionate. Really stritct in choosing teamates. He is good player.
HE IS NOT REALLY PRO PLAYER. He very hates in losing. He will mad all day long and mumbling around. He is typically noob after all. And also muthafucka gay
He once unfriend his old friend cause by trolling the game.

P/s : pls get rid of this species of this name for the rest of your life.
Aizat youre so farking noob
by Zuannn December 28, 2017
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