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Aisslynn (ice-lynn)
is a person that has very strong opinions and will fight to stand up for them. Very energetic and interesting to talk to. and she don't ever fake the funk!! Is usually laid back and fun to be around.
hates being left alone and is a crazy a** party-er. Is a good dancer, as well as a singer. Loves videogames(especially the classics).She can be stubborn and want things done her way.
She is one of the most lazy people you will ever meet. Slacking is one of her best qualities, procrastinating on homework until last minute but she still manages to get A's. Is mischevious and is good at lying.Her physical apperience is beautiful and exotic looking, with long thick hair and big brown eyes. She has massive tata's and an OK badonkadonk. She laughs at inappropriate moments and acts like a little kid most times. Her goal in life is to own a Baby Panda. In all she is a nice person just dont hit her psycho b*tch button.
dude1: Did you see Aisslynn lasy night?
dude2: HELL YA, she was a crazy motha fucka!!
dude1: She crazy.
by bedda dreads June 14, 2011
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