It means " Fuck You" when you are dissing someone. Litterally means: "My Dick in you" in Arabic - mainly in Lebanese dialect. The expression however is used between friends and is not necessarily offensive. In addition, the expression is normally used between males and rarely said to females. However, more girls are starting to use this expression in a similar way that man do, just like the expression "Fuck you". However, this is still considered vulgar for a women to use. It is also spelled "Airy fik" or "Airi fik"
when upset about his friend's behaviour, someone can tell his friend: "Airy feek" man, why did you do that?
by DanaSal September 20, 2009
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Literally means "my dick in you" but is taken as an insult in Lebanon to mean somewhere along the lines of the common "fuck you."
Person A: Hey, man. Where were you?
Person B: With your sister.
Person A: Airi feek.
by Tako_400 June 24, 2011
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