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Drop dead gorgeous. A beautiful goddess, nice to everyone she meets, quick-witted , very funny and can always make you smile.
"Why are you so happy?"
"I was just with Airlia."
by hahaugh June 23, 2014
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A drag queen, who wears lots of make up to hide his sexuality and manly face.
Laughs at everything, and fakes their personality.
Airlia is so stupid he cant even remember anything he says and thinks women go bald.
A wannabe asian who thinks they're better than everyone else and likes everything you like just to be better.
This role playing drag queen will be a rude whore and will make you regret ever knowing them.
Teacher: Open your books to chapter one.
Airlia: Hahahahahahaha
Student: What're you laughing at...?
Airlia: I dont know, I'm too stupid I forget.

Airlia: Hey BBZ.
Pedo: Wanna role play?
Airlia: Okay sure!
Pedo: Role play rape?
Airlia: Sure honey

Asian: Wanna watch doctor who?
Airlia: okay, I know everything about it...
wait whats a cyberman?

Airlia: you're going to go bald, hahahahaha
Student: women dont go bald... retard.
by stupiddrag March 01, 2011
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