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When a friend is browning or blacking due to alcohol and to his friend's unknowing knowledge slips away from a social scene, event, place, etc. to an unknown place to be found either (1) hours later at a random location or (2) asleep in a random location.
Person A: "Hey have you seen Chris?"

Person B: "No. He must be airhearting"

Person A: "Fuck. Why does he always have to airheart?"
by skiren January 27, 2011
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A corny, often sarcastic, sentiment given to friend by drawing a heart in the air by one's pointer fingers. The air heart usually starts by holding the two pointer fingers together at arms length before separating them to draw the curve of a heart top by moving the fingers up and out in opposite directions. The drawer then pulls their fingers down and back together to complete the 'V' at the bottom of the heart. Can be used to show affection, but is more commonly (and effectively) used to lighten a friend's bitchy mood.
Jenn: I can't believe that my husband always piles dirty dishes in the sink. What does he think that I am... a maid? Doesn't he know that I have to take them out before I can properly wash them? He makes me so mad and I can't...

Kelly: Whoa, my friend. (air heart) You. Complete. Me.
by WWJG123012893 February 04, 2010
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