Someone who will act like they can't hear you because they're rich and have AirPods and have to be a douche even though they can clearly hear you.
You: Yo what up Mark how ya been man.
Mark: Sorry did you say something, I'm an AirPod user ,I couldn't hear you I had my AirPods in.
You: Yeah i said something you douche.
Other guy: Don't listen to him he has AirPods which makes him a douche.
by Fu*! you Mark November 12, 2019
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The number 1 richest people according Forbes 2019
Airpod users have more wealth than any other people on this entire planet
by Dubiks February 8, 2019
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Idiots that thought wasting their money was a good idea.
"Airpod users are flexing all day!"
by Photonbeam September 17, 2019
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