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she's a cool girl ever, matured and childish to any situations. so cheerful but hurt inside sometimes, she'll feel doubt on anything she has did a few seconds ago, a girl who's called as Ainsya are a good friends. yes she does hate everyones yet she reacts normal everytime. no ones couldn't reach and read whats on her mind. secretly, she's kinda lazy. however you must find a person named Ainsya's! if you found her, congrats. a chosen one from billion people's on earth because it's so hard to found Ainsya!
Howard: I have a friend, her name is Ainsya. To be honest, she's weird as fuck.

Susan: Well kinda lazy but super nice, we all love Ainsya!

Raguish: she's beautiful. beautiful Ainsya.
by Moon Damsel April 22, 2018
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