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1. An acronym that can trace its origin to AOL Instant Messenger or similar online communicative media.

2. An acronym that typically serves no purpose outside a given network of friends due to their inclusive and hard to decipher nature.

3. Any acronym said verbally that would make the person saying said acronym appear to be an idiot.
1. LOL, the first Aimcronym.

2. Friend 1: Yo man, let's go to the club tonight.
Friend 2: Aight, but LNTJTTCWU
Jeremiah: Wait, what? was that seriously an Aimcronym?
Anonymous Tool: mhm.

3. Ahmed: What's up?
Courtney: nm, hbu bff?
Ahmed: sound like an idiot with those verbal aimcronyms
by Daggerman11 August 02, 2008
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