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Aikatsu is an idol franchise aimed for children, created the same company that made the IdolM@aster series, Dream Festival R, Idolish7, Taiko drums and many more franchises as well as games.

Aikatsu started out as and still is an arcade card based rhythm game with similar gameplay mechanics like it's fellow sibling franchise Taiko drums. But it's more widely known for it's anime series.

The premise for Aikatsu is about young idols from various schools that focuses on teaching and guiding them on being idols, aiming to be top idols or just striving to be the idols they aspire to be. With a few sci-fi twists which are whenever they perform they have special cards which are called Aikatsu cards that turn into their performance outfits, through a machine called Aikatsu system. Furthermore during their live performances if they have enough stamina, skills and enthusiasm from the audience, they'll be able to do bursts of stunts with holographic special effects made by said machine, usually according to the themes' and rarities of their clothes called appeals. It is especially helpful in competitions because the more and better appeals they do the higher their score is.
"What's the Aikatsu series like? Is it good?"
"To me it is and it's basically like the Pretty Cure series but idols instead of superheros."

"Oh I see, I'll give Aikatsu a watch then"

"Did you watch last week's Aikatsu's episode?"
"Yeah I did and wow I wasn't expecting her to do a special appeal so soon!"

In conclusion watch and stan Aikatsu
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by LilySufi July 28, 2019
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