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Ahnalisa's love many things. Music, art, video games, athletics,fashion and beauty, ect. These people are rare to find and they stand out in a large crowd. Ahnalisa's are also very intelligent, but don't show it amongst people. Music is a BIG THING. Ahnalisa's usually like whimsical music, so instruments like clarinet, flute, and mallets. Ahnalisa's are also very interested in art. They usually have high skill levels in sketching and just drawing in general from when they're very young to very old. Ahnalisa's are (in a way) attracted to video games. Sandbox games like minecraft really come into play because of the creativity required to buildo difficult structures. Athletes also interest her. Gmas like football, basketball and volleyball are very common for her to like. Another huge topic is fashion and beauty. Ahnalisa's are always up to date with trends and even starts some of her own. She takes care of herself and personal hygiene.
Ahnalisa is over there sketching again.
by GirlGamingGopher8421 February 27, 2017
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