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She is such a beautiful, smart, and loving girl. She can lie at sometimes but only to get closer to you. For example, you would ask her if she likes a singer that you like, she would say yes, so she can become closer to you. An Ahmielyha strives for academic, and social Excellency, I have an ahmielyha as a friend and she is sooooooo old school. As a person in this world she is amazing. All the boys love her, and she is very held together. She is also very honest. If you ask her if you look bad and u do, she'll say you look bad, or you need to change this or that. Also, she has a great taste in music. She is sooooooo hype and strict. Sometimes, she won't take a metaphor correctly, but she still has allllll the jokes needed to make a person laugh uncontrollably.
Me: Ahmielyha made me laugh sooooo hard today
Person: Yeah, Ahmielyha is really something

Me: Nah, she's more than something, she's everything
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