A simply Handsome Man, The best guy There is, Someone You Can Also Count On, Will Always Try There Best To Make You Smile. One Look At Them Makes Your Heart Melt. Their amazing personalty is one of a kind. You will NEVER meet anyone as genuine as an Aharron. Open minded, very sweet,loving, romantic,respectful. If you come across an Aharron you will be the luckiest person alive! They will never do you wrong, Even if you do them wrong they will be open minded and still care for you. When they hug you,kiss you the love they give you is out of this world. Because once they touch you they touch you like if its the end of the world and you're the last person on earth who they'd want be with.. Once you get a hold of an Aharron all you want to do is spend every minute with them, they make your days a million times better. He's someone who is worth having in your life now and maybe forever..
My boyfriend Aharron is simply amazing. Couldn't be happier!
by Terantula February 04, 2013
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