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Absolutely gorgeous and knows it. Great at making you rethink your choices, may be a little bit psychic. Very judgmental about everything, but is also the best person ever and your absolute best friend/ emotional support. You can complain to her and then you'll be sad together and eat an entire can of whipped cream. No boy is ever good enough for Ahania; She's just that amazing. Very smart, but needs to double check her grammar when writing. Amazing and you can stay up until 4am laughing about absolutely nothing and it's the best. Everyone loves ahania.
Boy: hey is that ahania?
Girl: save it. You're not good enough for her.
by NotOrdinary_orNormal_223 February 25, 2018
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Ahania will be one of the most gorgeous people you meet. Don't underestimate her, because she will prove you wrong every time. She is incredibly witty, sometimes almost too much. But always remember that you will be lucky to have her in your life, because she is very picky about her friends.
1-Hey, did you see Ahania the other day?
2-No, why?
1-She got an A on the math test!
2-No way!
by Gudetama444 December 28, 2017
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