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Exclamation in a moment of blunder or realization that one is left in a deep predicament.
Lloyd accidentally left his wallet in the newspaper vendor and exclaimed "Cripes!"
by Southern Fried Ugly March 14, 2005
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Like crap, darn, and doh!, this is a statement of frustration. This is usually said, however, when a plot is foiled or one is nailed by a good prank or practical joke.
Martin: Mr. Pendor, we have done a background check and have discovered that you have been cheating on your taxes since Roosevelt was President.

Chester: Which one? Teddy or Frank?

Martin: Frank.

Chester: Which term? He had four, you know.

Martin: It doesn't matter! What does matter is that you're under arrest!

Chester: Do you have proof?

Martin: It's all at the station. Why don't you slip into these handcuffs, junior, and we'll let Detective Charles take care of you!

Chester: Ah, cripes...
by Rodney Basil July 27, 2004
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