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Between Santa Clarita Valley, and Palmdale Off the 14 frwy, California. Next to Acton, its a Hickish town with no stores, and overly priced food from the local Sweetwater farms grocery market. The nearest costco is about 15 min away and nearest target is about 35. Most people are wannabe redneck, rich or near rich with horses and dirtbikes.
Dude, the girls in agua dulce and acton are uptight fake bro hoes
by LALAKK March 18, 2009
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A town that should be called "Agua Loco" instead. Agua Dulce is just 30 minutes North of butt-fuck Valencia. Everyone in Agua Dulce is crazy, and a hick. Locals hoard animals like breeders. Hardcore drug addicts come here to do their hardcore drugs thinking it will be safe and secluded, then get their tires slashed by 6'4" rednecks because usually, "they are on private property." Yuppies move to Agua Dulce to plant lavender and alfalfa... pointless.
"Yeah, I live in Agua Dulce."
"OMFG stay the fuck away from me"
by GenerationDet9 February 14, 2009
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