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An Agrihood is part of a rural region of the United States that is best to avoid. Typically found in the forested or marsh areas of the south or foot hills of Appalachia. The pedigree of populations in these areas typically do not fork. The culture in these areas are best known for, the brewing of moonshine, plantations of ditch weed, hic-beats, family gangs, alligator hunting, the domestication of wild animals such as skunk or opossum, & trailor houses. Along with a wide horde of rusted machinery laying about homesteads & equipment that should have stopped working half a century ago but has been macgyvered to continue operations. Barn birthing is commonplace for animals and people alike. For the two often times share living,eating, & sleeping quarters. The language & writing of these people is suspected to be a branch of modern English. However translation is often needed due to heavy accents and illiteracy. Outsiders to these communities are typically greeted with hostility, and their have been cases of homicide & rape to those who happen to come across members of these secluded societies.
Why don’t we ever take that back road home?”
“Bud, don’t you know anything? That’s the Agrihood. I’m not lookin to get shot
by Northern Glory January 12, 2018
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