A person who:
1. Goes faster when the light turns yellow
2. Is not afraid to honk at dipshit drivers on the road
3. Never goes under 5 miles above the speed limit
4. Has the uncontrollable urge to pass slow drivers in front of them
5. Really really hates traffic
6. Is always on the left most lane
*example of aggressive driver*
dipshit: (goes 5 miles under the speed limit)
dipshit: (goes even slower)
Me: Fuck this (illegally passes dipshit and flips him off)
by Dubiks May 13, 2019
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a sex position where the female is on all fours and the male inserts his penis into her anus. he then places both hands on her hips and pushes her around into walls or whatever is in the room while making obnoxious truck noises.
"dude, i (tapped) her so hard last night! she even let me pull The Aggressive Truck Driver on her!"
by Pusseather6980869 November 21, 2011
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