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When someone does certain things he or she used to manage just fine, but not anymore due to getting older.

"Having such an agerape today. I used to be able to drink like fifteen beers a night without getting a hangover. Yesterday I drank five and I'm totally wrecked now."

"Had to get up and take a leak 3 times this night, guess it's the age raping me again.."
Agerape is like a facerape only it's age pranking around with you in real life instead of friends pranking around with you on Facebook.

Examples of this is having to go to the bathroom five times a night. Not able to "get it up". Drinking two beers and get wasted while you used to be able to drink two cases of beer and not get drunk. Sitting at the bar talking to the lovely lady, unsuccessfully trying to get her home due to aging.
by fredrickard July 05, 2012
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