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A self-indulgent man in his mid twenties who suffers from dillusions of grandeur, paranoia and erectile dysfunction. A masochist by nature, Agent. Q is most well known for his stature in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, where he leads a mature role playing Super Group named the Anointed Brotherhood, who reside on the Infinity server. His most defining characteristic, however, is his libido. Moreover, the fact that he drove over 800 miles in order to have sexual intercourse and receive fellatio from a 16-year old Asian girl named Crystal, likely due to his latent pedophilia.

A self-declared dictator, Agent. Q has compared himself to numerous fascist leaders such as Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler on several occasions and has taken it upon himself to restore the Nazi regime to its rightful place in society.

Also see: Pedophile
"Look lively, Jon, Agent. Q is coming this way!"
by Samuel Mykolo June 14, 2007
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