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An Agent Wigs is a person who you unexpectedly meet on the road of life and because of that encounter, you know that God does exist. Not only that, but one may realize and believe that there is order in nature and the universe, that blessings are tangible, and that the one who's defining this can be quite cheesy however, sincere... And even though one may never fully fathom and comprehend the complexities of the laws of nature, one can fact-claim and claim as fact that that meeting and spending time with an Agent Wigs can generate: a lesson on being down-to-earth, seeing lots of pictures of a Scottish guy in all of his sane and insane adventures, a shock of not seeing a Scottish guy in a kilt, conversations that last a day but feels like a flash, Spandau Ballet a capella renditions, and so many other things that one may only experience only if...

With all of these things, experiencing moments with an Agent Wigs can make one smile, and the more one smiles, the more they are happy, and the more they are happy, the more they healthy, and the more they are healthy, and longer they live, and the longer they live, the more times they can pray to God, thanking Him for sending them an Agent Wigs.
"Agent Wigs baked me a cheesecake"
by The only NONAndrogynous Sophoan February 14, 2005
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