Agape love is firstly, universal. It is a universal love. We loves each and everyone. We doesn’t love you for the color of your skin. We doesn’t love just one race. We doesn’t love a particular tribe or clan. We loves every race, every person in this world. It’s like God’s Love. It says God loved the world. He doesn’t just love the Israelites. God loves the Arabs too. God loves everybody. Again, as I said; It is a universal love. And if your heart has not been touched by agape love, you will probably still be biased or prejudiced against another race. If you have a prejudice in your heart against another tribe or race or even people of different social position, your heart has not been touched by this agape love. You could only love those who are emotionally bonded to you. You cannot love the agape love. agape love; a universal love to everybody without prejudice, without consideration of their worthiness to be loved. It’s a universal love.
Mr. Zarifi show his agape love by donating to Unicef, Wwf and many organization to help and support them to live the life they deserved.
by Anyz Khalid February 18, 2009
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