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Agabus is a talkative and noisy person. He likes to blabber about all sorts of things 24/7. This is due to his passion for everything in the world. He can talk in all sorts of scenarios such as the library, choir practises, etc.

Despite his flamboyant personality, he is a very jovial and tolerant person. He enjoys being the extroverted person of the group and voices out his qualms in a controlled manner. He is influential to the impressionable. He has a strict skincare routine in which he thoroughly enjoys as a treat to himself after a long day of talking and all of his commitments which stress him out. It’s hard being an overachiever like Agabus.
Overall, a decent person to be around. I’d give him a 7/10.
Agabus : ‘ Blah blah blah blah blah’

Choir : “ Omg Agabus! Why are you so noisy!”
Agabus : *doesn’t hear*
by ebjm2000 April 23, 2018
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