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An event taking place for high schoolers across the nation on Sundays in April; the day after prom, when you spend countless hours on Facebook creeping and looking through photos from prom you either attended or did not attend because you were so excited for aftercreeping and decided to stay home. While aftercreeping, one may find that they have seen the exact same dress on three, four, or maybe five girls, and you may witness several wardrobe malfunctions before they are removed from said social networking site. When you finally stop, it is early Monday morning, at which point you have hours of homework that you planned to do on Sunday. At this time, you may make the decision to skip school monday in order to aftercreep for several more hours.
Kid 1: Hey, did you go to east's prom last night?
kid 2: yeah, then i stayed up all night aftercreeping, during which i found 3 nip slips and saw a neon orange dress on every other girl in the junior class.

Kid 3: did you guys do your homework?
kid 1 and kid 2 walk away.
by highschoolmeth April 17, 2011
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