This is a phrase that you say when someone does or says something but they have no idea that their timing was totally and stupidly wrong. Oftentimes, people will say it with the word "all".
How you gonna go to the movies with everybody, leave me behind, and then tell me that the film is good and I should go see it ALL AFTER THE FACT??
by TheBx41 September 17, 2012
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A euphemism for "after intercourse".
"The National Institutes of Health convened a group of experts that year to address the question 'What is the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of latex male condom-use sic to prevent STD transmission during vaginal intercourse?'

Most of the relevant published studies, they found, didn't use the kind of experimental design you'd want to see – i.e., prospective design, in which the researcher compiles data by following the subjects' behavior going forward, rather than gathering data after the fact."
by Lepus September 14, 2007
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To be in a public place, do something that is usually only done in private followed by an immediate glance in all directions to see if anyone noticed.
Andy walked into the classroom while texting and absent mindedly passed gas. He quickly realized his surroundings and did an after the fact check by looking around to see if anyone heard.
by Uncle Punky November 9, 2013
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When your still fucking shit up years after the fact without trying
When someone can’t give another person there all because they still love you years after you broke up! You're fucking shit up after the fact!
by Tom vape September 26, 2017
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