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Nigger bitches who think they are the shit, and they are so hot that even white people want to fuck them. They always have nasty, stinking snatches because they've been living in the ghetto getting fucked by every nasty nigger crackhead in there, drinking malt liquor, eating french fries, and farting all over themselves all day. White people vomit all over themselves when they see one of these filthy specimens approaching them.
White Husband: Hey, sweetheart, do you wanna go down town to see the ballet tonight?

White Wife: Fuck no, goddammit, the alley next to the theater is filled up with those disease ridden afro-americunt bitches. I don't want to throw up all over my new dress! I'll go to the KKK meeting with you tonight, though, honey. They're serving some of that delicious New England Klan Chowder tonight.
by EatMyJunk August 18, 2011
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