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An eating disorder which results from a general distaste from food and thereby giving the individual inflicted with the disease the appearance of a poor Nicaraguan baby. The disease is also often found in persons with AIDS, further increasing the infected individual's resemblance to a Nicaraguan baby. This process can be cured via giving food more appeal to the person inflicted, suggested methods being; lacing it with LSD, making the infected smoke marijuana, shoving food in the infected person's face etc. Can potentially result in the darkening of the skin, and if not previously carried, the HIV virus.
Man, Joe has got to start eating more, he is as skinny as a toothpick!

I know, it is hard for him, he has Africanidiosis.

Well light up the bong and order Chinese food, we cant let our friend suffer like this!
by IrishPunx January 26, 2011
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